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Only one party to put people of Ulster first

Many UUP members will wonder what they've got themselves into after reading Bob Wilson's letter (Write Back, December 15) in which he castigates those concerned with "sectional Ulster Protestant interests".

In his new Tory mindset he has no time for those "preoccupied with fighting a parochial cultural battle against Irish nationalists".

He dismisses the very notion of agreed Unionist candidates - which would go against the Tory Party diktat.

It is this subservience to the Conservative Party by which the UUP is now hugely compromised. Of course, the UUP hierarchy is excited by the thought of having a role at Westminster as this is something it barely has with only one MP - and she won't be forced to take the Tory whip - but at what cost to its freedom?

The DUP plays a full role in national politics at Westminster and does so having no other master but the Northern Ireland electorate.

Mr Wilson's letter confirms that only the DUP can be trusted to put the interests of Unionism and the Ulster people first and is capable of working unfettered with our national Government and all parties at Westminster to advance that cause.




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