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Open Europe has failed, time to close borders

I AM glad that David Blunkett, the former Labour home secretary, has finally opened his eyes to the human tragedy that is uncontrolled immigration.

On a small, controlled scale, immigration can be appropriate for the host country. It can also be good for the immigrants.

Left to run wild, mass-immigration inevitably leads to areas where the legitimate natives are strangers and outsiders in their own lands. If being dispossessed of their heritage and culture by European settlers was not right for the Hottentots, or for the Native Americans, then the principle of it being wrong then also applies to modern Britain in the face of immigrants from the EU.

However, talk is cheap, when all that we have to look forward to next year is hordes of more economic migrants descending upon our beleaguered shores to further ruin our health service, schools and general society.

The experiment of an Open Europe has failed. It's now time to repeal the boarders and secure the borders.



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