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Open letter to God on subject of war

With people routinely killing other people across the globe in God's name, I think it's time that God clarified His/Her/Its stance on the subject.

I am not an atheist nor a materialist nor even an agnostic; I believe there's something or someone "out there" running the show, and I mean no disrespect to followers of any religion or belief system.

And I'm not just thinking of recent terrorist outrages. For centuries God has been invoked by warring parties of every description.

In both World Wars all sides called down God's blessing on warships, bomber planes and on infantry heading off into battle.

Yet all sides surely couldn't have been right in God's estimation?

So I am now making a public appeal, through your letters page, to God, the Supreme being/force/entity, to clarify exactly in what circumstances we are entitled to kill a fellow human being.

A high-profile appearance in a prominent public place would be apt and the message would, ideally, be conveyed in every language.

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With the greatest respect to all religions and faiths, I do think we need clarification on this life and death issue, and it would be most helpful to humanity.


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