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Opponents of same-sex marriage base their arguments on increasingly shaky foundations

Letter of the day: reform debate

It is interesting that the language calling for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland focuses on 'love'.

While being a useful tactic (if so intended), the unhelpful implication of this is that those who oppose reform necessarily hate those who seek it.

This cannot be the case in general, though, undoubtedly, it is for some.

That aside, those who oppose change have long since run low on convincing argument. It is clear that the 'traditional' family has adapted to realities, such as divorce, unmarried parents, childless couples and single parents. Therefore, to hold that the sole competing claim to the notion of family is from same-sex couples is clearly nonsense.

Another argument is that same-sex marriage will bring on as yet unidentified negative consequences.

Again, this is extremely weak in force and cannot trump the warmth and joy that marriage would bring to so many of our people.

Better, perhaps, to devote energies in tackling current, identifiable and serious problems, such as the fact that more than 1.85 million people have had no regional government for half a year.

My personal view is that if any two people are mad enough to seek marriage, then we should broaden the pool of insanity as wide as possible.

Tongue-in-cheek aside, I congratulate all who took part in and organised Saturday's rally, and hope that a satisfactory solution is found sooner rather than later.


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