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Opportunism of Micheal Martin just lamentable

I'm extremely disappointed that the only time Micheal Martin looks north is to have a dig at Sinn Fein.

The recent killings in Belfast are a perfect example of scoring cheap political points.

Even here, Martin seems to have a hierarchy of victims. Gerard Davison's murder seemed to be less important as there was no mileage in it.

In 2008 Dermot Ahern, who served in the Irish Government with Martin, acknowledged the IRA was gone and not returning.

Martin was a senior member of the Fianna Fail party that presided over the collapse of the economy in the South through mismanagement. He is fooling no one over his concern for the two brutally murdered men.

The only thing that has changed is that we now face an election in which Sinn Fein is a growing force, while Fianna Fail under the leadership of Micheal Martin is languishing.

d moore


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