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Opposition talk at Stormont is wrong option

Your editorial of March 30 again promotes the idea for an opposition at Stormont.

For decades I have read Telegraph editorials pointing out that a Westminster-style party of government and party of opposition is unacceptable within the divisive politics of Northern Ireland, and that a consensus administration is the only way forward.

If this is still the case, then the most stable and democratic form of devolved government is a coalition based on electoral mandate. This provides for inbuilt checks and balances, and gives ample opportunities for parties with lower mandates to challenge their opponent's policies.

Where the mandate is sufficiently high for representation on the Executive, this will lead to greater influence on overall executive policy and direction.

It is nonsense for anyone to suggest that the present system does not provide the electoral with an alternative.

In fact, it is only the electorate who can decide the political composition of the Executive.



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