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Opposition to same-sex marriage wrong

Alf McCreary (Saturday Review, February 9) repeats much the same argument against gay marriage that opponents of the legalisation of homosexuality made in 1967: it will leave the nation divided. They were wrong about that. And he is wrong about same-sex marriage.

This is not to say that there is no division; there is. But it is an age division. Opponents of same-sex marriage are overwhelmingly elderly.

Alf went to the director of the Evangelical Alliance for an opinion on the subject. Predictably, that individual said "gay marriage will have massive consequences".

It will indeed – for those gays who wish to marry. It removes a serious injustice. The sky will not fall down on the rest of us. Alf says not all opponents of gay marriage are bigots and that is no doubt correct.

Unfortunately, the reason why many opponents of gay marriage appear to be bigots is that they do not put forward coherent, or rational, arguments against it.

When weak arguments are put forward passionately, it creates the suspicion that there is another explanation for the strength of feeling. It seems very mean-spirited to wish to deny the status of marriage – "that mutual society, help and comfort" – to couples who happen to share a same-sex orientation.



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