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Opposition to Thatcher is a legitimate view

IS everyone now a Thatcher champion? As much as I deplore the actions of certain people partying and revelling in the death of Mrs Thatcher, why does it seem everyone suddenly adores her?

It is fair to say she divided opinion. It seems those who opposed her in life are now silenced following her death. As is fair, the dead should be afforded respect. But when that person is a public figure and their life in public office is being analysed, why should any opposition be omitted?

The coverage over past days has painted Mrs Thatcher as a "great leader" and "champion of liberty", but that is only representative of some people. There are those who have relevant criticisms of her political performance. If that part of her life is being commended, surely the opposing views should be afforded air time?

Don't put these people into a box with the keyboard warriors. JUSTIN KELLY

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