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Orange Order should not be used or abused

Reading and listening to the content of the discussions going on at Hillsborough in recent days tends to make one weary, and I suppose if you were involved, bleary.

The kernel of the problem is the non-acceptance of the Good Friday Agreement, indeed as if it never happened. If the result of the Agreement had been the other way round, I imagine we all would have had to 'toe the line'.

Presently, and to my surprise, the Orange Order has been pulled into the issue. That should not have occurred at all. The marching problem was for another day. It is not right that a few members decide to get involved, much to the detriment of the Order.

What is now the problem, which will be used forcefully by the republicans, is that there comes hostility between the community and the Order, creating a more difficult situation for the Orange brethren to present their colours decently and respectfully to the public in the future.

It is apparent that the DUP have got themselves into a difficult situation, and now they look for the Orange and UUP to pull them out of the difficulty. Such a situation is not good enough.

The Orange Order should not be used or abused.


Fermanagh Unionist Association


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