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Orange Order too frightened to fly Irish flag

So, Orange Order officials make all kinds of phoney excuses for not flying the flag of Ireland outside their new taxpayer-funded museum? (News, June 25)

They try to say that members of the Order in the Republic feel culturally British. Their new museum has the flag of the United States proudly flying, yet the founding fathers of the United States kicked the behinds of the-then ruling British in a war 250 years ago and forced them to leave with their tail between their legs.

I am not anti-British and, in fact, my wife was born in England, and we visit there often.

But why does the Orange Order (of "Ireland") not just come clean and say they do not have the backbone to fly the flag of Ireland at their museum? If they were half-honest, they would rename their order the Orange Order of Northern Ireland.

After all, this is the same 'Christian' Orange Order that does not even say a quiet word of protest when their loyalist comrades in Orange burn the flag of Ireland on their bonfires on July 11.


Alberta, Canada

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