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Orangeman calls for vote in Scottish poll

'dr David Hume, the Order's director of services, said unionists would neither forsake, nor forget Scotland.' We'd like you to try. Go on.


The people of Northern Ireland ought to have a vote in the referendum. The statement, 'The future of Scotland is a matter for the people of Scotland and the future of Northern Ireland is a matter for the people of Northern Ireland' is false. The referendum is about dissolving the Union, not the issue of Scotland's future alone.


Disbeliefbutfun: Probably nonsense. The current Union is based on the 1921 Act (cedes south of Ireland, creates Northern Ireland), not the 1707 Act (England/Scotland), or 1802 Act (adds Ireland).


Do you really think Scotland would want this mess here? Even the south has more sense.


The Scottish people live in places that are more than just Scotland and the need for a voice goes further afield. Ulster has Scottish culture that is vibrant and important to consider and the request for a say is something that goes to the heart of the matter.


Then let us have a referendum here about uniting this country and include the Irish diaspora. There's 16 million of them abroad.


If your great-great-grandad came from Scotland, that doesn't make you Scottish. By this reasoning, someone who had never set foot in Scotland could have a say in their future. How do you tell if someone is Ulster-Scots?

Bangor Boy

Bangor Boy: 'How do you tell if someone is Ulster-Scots?' Bowler? Gloves? Sash?


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