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Orangemen only want marches to be peaceful

I was surprised by the headline 'March past flashpoint areas proves peaceful' which accompanied your story on the Tour of the North parade (News, June 19).

The headline was somewhat misleading when you read on to learn that a bottle was thrown at Orangemen by a republican protester at North Queen Street.

Is this not at odds when you consider that the bottle could have hit any marcher or member of the public enjoying the parade peacefully?

It may have only been one bottle, but that one bottle could have blinded someone or caused disfigurement. With all ages enjoying the Tour of the North, the injury could have happened to an elderly person or a child upon whom the effects would be much worse - even life-threatening.

Taken into consideration alongside the sign which has appeared at the Ardoyne shop fronts last week which reads "no march = no violence" it would seem that republicans are less concerned with easing the tensions in Belfast this marching season than they are with dishing out threats regarding what damage they will cause if they do not get their way.

Are we to assume that marches past flashpoint areas will only be peaceful if they do not happen at all? I can only hope that, if violence does break out at any Orange parade, with the knock-on effect on policing costs, damage and a break down of community relations, that the media will place the blame at the feet of republicans making these threats - not at the feet of Orangemen and their supporters who seek to enjoy their day out peacefully.




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