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Orders should only march when welcome

Please excuse my ignorance, but why is it necessary for the survival of the culture of the Loyal Orders that they have to march in areas where they are not welcome?

One would have thought - having 3,000-plus other marches and band parades - that these would have been sufficient for the survival of the culture.

Orangemen have said that it's so that respect can be shown to them.

If this is so, would they not first have to show respect to the people whom they want to visit their marches upon?

It was said in the past that these were traditional routes, but try this analogy; you leave your old home and move to a different area, but you expect to be able to go back to the old house and walk in without first asking permission from the new occupiers.

Recently, John Laird and others have tried to bring The Twelfth into modern times with Orangefest, saying that it was for everyone.

One takes it that there is freedom of choice about attending.

If so, why not try to make your marches attractive to non-adherents, so that they invite you to march in their streets?


Co Down


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