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Our best hope of reforming undemocratic systems in the United Kingdom and EU is to stay in Europe

letter of the day: sovereignty debate

The more I hear the sovereignty argument from Leave campaigners, usually coupled with how undemocratic the EU is, the more I compare and contrast that with our own legislative system and realise that it is the UK that is hopelessly undemocratic.

How can it be considered representative of the people with our unelected queen as head of state and our unelected lords in the upper chamber?

You may consider the House of Commons to be democratic, but it isn't anything of the sort. Several governments over the last generation were voted in by less than 25% of those eligible to vote (that is, the total number of people on the national electoral register).

This weak system serves only the interests of the major political parties, but does nothing to strengthen the fabric of our democracy.

How those who speak of "a profoundly undemocratic" EU can miss the irony of their comment has proven to be a source of constant amazement to me.

On balance, would it not be better to remain in Europe and reform our own system as well as that of the EU?

Sovereignty should be derived from the people's will - not the politicians - and the argument should be over making all legislature properly democratic and popularly representative.

It certainly cannot be called that at the moment.


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