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Our faceless decision-makers couldn't care less about people struggling with severe disabilities

Letter of the day: bedroom tax

I am A 61-year-old disabled, married man. A few weeks ago, my wife and I received a letter concerning our bedrooms. We live in a semi-detached house; my wife, daughter (15) and me.

I sleep in one bedroom in a hospital bed. I also have an alarm system because I am prone to falls.

I suffer from chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis, osteoporosis in both my spine and hips, arthritis in my spine and hips and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Because of this, I have a carer who comes six days a week. You could say I am not in a good way.

My daughter has her own bedroom, as does my wife, but today we had a letter saying we have one bedroom too many. So, because of this decision, after my wife explaining to them in a reply to their first letter, we are going to be charged for a extra bedroom.

This, in my view, is outrageous. I am angry at these faceless decision-makers, who quite frankly don't give a damn about the people they deal with. I hope that you could possibly put this letter in your newspaper.

I am housebound and have a wheelchair, but I can't stand the pain when I am out in it. I am on morphine patches for pain, plus another morphine-based tablet taken three times a day on top of my patch. Maybe that will give you some idea of the pain I am suffering.



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