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Our farmers, fishermen and health service are not benefiting from UK staying in the European Union

Like so many others who will be asked to vote on membership of Europe, I know little about our future prospects if we opt out.

What I do know is that since we joined the EEC and they shared our fishing waters, our fishing fleet has reduced to about one-quarter of its former size because our once-rich fishing stocks are now seriously depleted.

We are told of the generous benefits to our farming industry; yet, once again, thousands of small farmers have been forced out of the industry.

True, the wealthiest have benefited by investing hugely in costly, space-age technology and equipment, but small farmers are facing bankruptcy.

We are told that the huge influx of immigrants has boosted our economy. Having befriended quite a number of immigrants, they tell me they are sending money back home to support their relatives and that many young couples come here to save up to get married and buy a house back home. This constant haemorrhaging of money is conveniently forgotten by the Remain lobby.

In real terms, any taxes paid by working immigrants is a circulation of, not an expansion of, overall wealth. The removal of capital back to foreign countries shrinks the nation's wealth.

How are our schools expected to provide translators and additional staff to teach English to accommodate multi-national students at a time when the education budget has already been depleted?

The health service is already overwhelmed. Can it really cope with thousands more migrant families, who are not vetted for existing health problems?

It is true that without our current workforce of immigrant nurses that it would be even more overwhelmed, but most of these nurses are not from Europe.

If these are the benefits of being a member of the EU, God help us if the vote is a resounding Yes to stay in.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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