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Our leaders are chipping away at UK

The interesting opinion of the former Cabinet secretary, Sir Gus O'Donnell, on the possible break-up of the UK was a view held many years ago by ex-UUP MP Willie Ross, who was scorned by the centre-Left for being too rigid in his political belief-system.

Devolved powers to citizens who are loyal to the Crown are more likely to stay within the nation. I can remember Enoch Powell admonishing unionist politicians to use their words and actions wisely when opposing the will of Parliament and to act in a way that the English do not interpret as being anti-British.

In retrospect, republicans must have purred with pleasure to hear hard words and actions hurled at English ministers and eventually succeeded in linking their anti-British organization to unionists who had learned to trust few, if any.

When unionists enjoyed single-party rule and may not have always exercised their position to the fullest potential for all, at least they had a singular identity and a clear vision of their nationhood.

Today, we have a melting-pot of political aspirations trying to create a social cohesiveness which, in reality, is an unequal yoke that has less attachment to the UK than ever before.


Coleraine Borough Council


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