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Our leaders must set sectarianism and religion aside and focus on building a thriving society

letter of the day: real politics

I was born into a Catholic family, but am in no way religious. My husband was born into a Protestant family and, like me, is in no way religious.

We have two children we have not christened because it seemed hypocritical to arbitrarily choose a faith to have them christened into.

Instead, we decided to let them choose for themselves when they are old enough, and they will have our full support on whichever faith (or none) they choose. This decision, although perfectly logical to us, provokes gasps of disbelief from others.

However, that doesn't mean I don't agree with the moral teachings of Christianity and do my best to live by them and raise my children to do likewise. What really matters to me is the state of our health service, our education system and our economy - the real politics that every government should be focusing on.

I am absolutely sick of everything in this country being brought back to religion/sectarianism.

On the unionist/nationalist question, I have no issue with the fact that we will remain part of the UK as long as the majority of people here want to. Equally, if that were ever to change and they majority wanted a united Ireland, I'd be okay with that, too, if we could make it work.

However, I again fail to see why my viewpoint on this issue impacts on my basic desire to live somewhere we can be healthy and prosper and rear families to do likewise, and from what I can see most of us ultimately want the same thing. I just wish someone would tell our politicians.


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