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Our Life and Times are all about money


Your recent article quoting the Life and Times survey on Irish unity, showing low numbers in favour, was no real surprise (News, June 17).

However, it omitted two of the most important issues: (1) Money - as in the British subsidy - and (2) Do the English want us?

So much in Northern Ireland is dictated by money. We are a drain on UK resources of about £8bn (£15,000 per household) per year. The south could never match this generosity.

Very few people are going to vote for anything that makes them worse off and jeopardise their standard of living, or the life-chances of their children by acting to make themselves poorer.

If there is a renewed Celtic Tiger, or a gigantic oil find, in the south, where it becomes twice as wealthy as Britain, then Catholics will happily vote for unity along with a fair number of Protestants.

Unionists here can't be smug about the above result as a poll in England, about whether they wanted us or not, might prove equally depressing for them.


Portrush, Co Antrim

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