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Our misery at the check-in

Sentiments expressed in Writeback letters on June 3 and June 6 concerning the Belfast International Airport security staff are totally accurate.

Due to a combination of incompetence and downright ignorance by some of the people, my wife and I almost missed our flight, as did a number of other passengers, even though we arrived before our check-in opening time.

My wife was almost in tears and a number of other ladies were openly crying at delays and the way their personal handbags were being ‘emptied' by security staff.

The lengthy queues were unbelievable, while the staff were working at a leisurely pace.

Returning home from Stansted Airport was the opposite and I congratulate the security staff there on their professionalism.

No lengthy queues, courtesy and above all common sense in their dealings with the travellers who are, after all, paying their wages.

Perhaps temporary exchanges could be arranged to train our internation airport security staff!

Totally Disgusted


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