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Our school is anything but 'laid back and casual'

As pupils in Year 12, who will be sitting our GCSE exams in the coming weeks, we wish to refute many of the allegations made about staff, pupils and the standard of education at Dunmurry High School (News, May 5).

The staff who have taught us over the past five years have most certainly not been 'laid back' and 'casual', as stated by one parent, but have, at all times, helped and supported us and encouraged us to fulfil our potential.

Not only have they stayed behind after school to help us, they also came in during the Easter holidays to help us prepare for exams.

Regarding the pupils, most of us are conscientious, hard-working and highly-motivated individuals.

We are also well-mannered and polite having been brought up by parents who have taught us the importance of self-discipline and respect.

The article also said that lots of kids do not attend school. While some are poor attenders, the vast majority attend school regularly. The average attendance in our own class is 95%.

We will be sorry to leave at the end of the year. We have spent five happy years here and have made lots of good friends. We must leave people in no doubt in the coming weeks that we have been well-prepared for our exams and that we are most certainly not failures, but successful students who have been well-educated at a successful school.

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Dunmurry High School