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Our shambolic hospitals only care for cash

What is wrong with the health service in Northern Ireland? My brother-in-law shattered his ankle and was sent to Antrim Area Hospital and, eventually, transferred to the RVH fracture department in Belfast.

He has gone from bed to bed, ward to ward and yet is still to have a much-needed operation.

When I left Northern Ireland in 1981, the Royal Victoria Hospital was considered to be the best, as was the whole health service.

Now it is a complete and utter shambles run solely on monetary rules - to hell with people's health.

It is all about money and the boards of these hospitals seem to be nothing more than a bunch of show-ponies. What is the Northern Ireland Minister for Health doing about this sham?

I had a heart-attack two years ago here in Australia and within three weeks had a quadruple by-pass. I would not have had that same service in Northern Ireland.

Who wants to live in Northern Ireland with an incompetent health service.

It's about time the Minister for Health fixed this circus and gets it back to what it was - a first-class health service.


Victoria, Australia