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Our shame over the treatment of refugees

IN the week when more boats carrying refugees sink in the Mediterranean with the loss of as many as 400 lives, we discover that the Government has deported three times as many orphaned refugee children to countries ravaged by war and poverty than ministers have previously admitted.

Some 445 teenagers have been sent back to countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan since 2014.

While it may not be popular, it is interesting to reflect that the 'bash-an-immigrant' lobby, which includes the Tory party and Ukip with their casual racism, has helped send many of these kids to their deaths.

Typical Daily Mail headlines such as 'Send the immigrants back, save our jobs' may seem harmless enough, but the ramifications are utterly monstrous.

As a result of such propaganda hundreds of thousands of refugees are being put in camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards, which previously would have been called concentration camps. Then they are deported to Turkey to live in similar camps.

In Calais white fascist gangs attack women and children whose only crime is a desperate attempt to flee wars caused primarily by us and our mates.

So what's next? Well, the Royal Navy is being dispatched to the Med - not to rescue these poor people, but to turn these unsafe, overloaded boats back to wherever they came from.

When we lose our humanity, when we cease to believe in the story of the Good Samaritan, the road only leads to barbarism.


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