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Our shame over Titanic has only recently subsided

ADMITTEDLY, over the past couple of years (and especially around the centenary of the sinking), Belfast has tried to stress its historical links with Titanic in order to attract more tourists.

However, Jeremy Paxman's comment that the Titanic iceberg did Belfast "a huge favour" (News, December 3) provides a very simplistic analysis of the situation in Belfast.

As he is probably unfamiliar with the history of Belfast, he would fail to recognise that the Titanic disaster sent shockwaves through the city. For many years, the people of Belfast were unnecessarily ashamed of their links with the ship.

It has only been over the past few decades that this embarrassment has begun to subside and it was not until 2001 that the first Titanic 'Made in Belfast' event was held.

As many people have pointed out, Paxman's comments may have been partly tongue-in-check.

Nevertheless, they could still be seen as slightly offensive.

There are Titanic museums in Southampton and America.

However, other places do not seem to get criticised for exploiting the disaster in the same way Belfast does.



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