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Our skullduggery fuels these attacks

WHENEVER terrorists launch an attack on other societies, such as Chechen attacks in Russia, Tamils in Sri Lanka or Kurds in Turkey, the media feel obliged, quite correctly, to explain what are the factors that account for such shocking acts.

When terrorists strike against the West, media and political leaders prefer us to accept it as irrational madness. Almost all terrorism is fuelled by a sense of social injustice. It cannot be justified, but the answer to "why us?" must be sought.

We are seen by many as lacking the moral compass to condemn brutal regimes because the cost/benefit analysis proves this would be financially damaging. We are seen as the purveyors of terrifying weapons and arms that facilitate mass murder.

We see ourselves as licensed to interfere in any society or culture that incurs our displeasure. We must decide whether we continue with this deal with the devil or change our ways.


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