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Our so-called unionist parties can't be trusted

I HAVE noticed only some of the candidates for Europe met in Cookstown to discuss the issue of the letters provided to the on-the-runs. Such a meeting raises various issues.

Have any unionist politicians who attended the meeting raised the issue of the OTRs during the past five years? As it appears they haven't in the Press, have any of them had their suspicions, but didn't voice them? If they had, would this have rocked the money boat at Stormont? If John Downey had not been charged would these arrangements still be secret?

Much has been made of these letters as perverting the course of justice. And yet there is silence in respect of an even more gross perversion of justice – namely the Secretary of State meeting the cardinal and advising him that, if he didn't remove a parish priest, Fr Chesney, from the jurisdiction, he would be arrested. Who was Chesney? He drove off the getaway car for the Claudy bombing.

After the Second World War the leaders of Nazi Germany were tried. Why does the same accountability not apply to Provo killers?

I do not intend to vote in the election as I do not trust any of the so-called "unionist" parties. They appear completely inept and have failed to analyse the treachery of successive British Governments.


Ballymena, Co Antrim

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