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Our views don't interest politicians

We frequently hear politicians (or political wannabes) say what the electorate tells them "on the doorstep" - usually to prop up their point of view.

In my experience, the only time you will have a politician at your door, smiling and glad-handing you, is at election time, and the last thing they want is to talk about their policies.

So far in this underwhelming election campaign, I have had only two parties knock my door.

The first was a party worker who thrust literature at me and told me how to vote before moving on; the second candidate turned up in person, but when pressed on their manifesto was all but clueless and not at all pleased to be asked simple questions of detail.

My advice is to quiz candidates who bother to turn up on their record, manifesto and plans for the constituency.

Far from listening, most will be desperate to get away.


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