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Outlaw the cruel 'sport' of hare coursing

Hare coursing is a barbaric activity carried out in 75 clubs throughout Ireland. It involves capturing wild hares and releasing them to be chased by greyhounds in a sickening bloodsport.

Hare coursing and bloodsports like this date back to Roman times and are a ridiculous excuse for a sport. Hares are forced to run for their lives before greyhounds while crowds gather to watch and bet on these events.

The population of wild hares is at a serious low and activities like hare coursing are detrimental to their survival.

Hare coursing was brought here by British soldiers and, ironically, it has already been banned in the UK.

This leaves Ireland the last hold-out on the matter and it seems now is the time for this brutal sport to be outlawed.

These activities often happen away from the public eye and are not heavily advertised.

If the people taking part in hare coursing believe it is socially acceptable, then why on earth do they hide it away from the public domain?

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is running a campaign which to eradicate hare coursing. Maybe this campaign will have it banned once and for all.


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