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Oxfam appeal for help with Nepal tragedy

Oxfam has begun delivering aid to thousands of people in Nepal following last Saturday's devastating earthquake. It was the largest to hit the country in 80 years and flattened entire sections of the capital city, Kathmandu.

Homes have been lost and historic buildings destroyed. But the human cost is far, far worse.

When the buildings fell, terrified men, women and children were trapped inside. So far, the earthquake has claimed more than 4,000 lives - although the death toll is rising all the time.

Right now, thousands more lives are hanging in the balance, as the impoverished country runs out of water, food and medicine. The situation is absolutely critical.

Although Belfast Telegraph readers are thousands of miles away, you can still help. Donating cash or your unwanted goods at your local Oxfam shop means we can respond fast.

Please give what you can at or drop into your local Oxfam shop. And thank you.


Chief executive, Oxfam Ireland

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