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Paisley did more damage than good

The not unexpected announcement by Ian Paisley that he was not seeking re-election is unfortunately 40 years too late.

In my opinion, he has done more damage to the unionist position than any other person in Northern Ireland.

A few questions will suffice to illustrate my claim:

1 Is unionism in a stronger position today than when our political messiah arrived on the scene?

2 Is the form of misgovernment at Stormont delivering better government than in 1969 or in 1974?

3 Would more people be alive today if the political messiah had not opposed Internment in tandem with the PIRA?

He was the Trojan Horse of unionism and while the great and the good now find him acceptable, a substantial number in Northern Ireland now see him as being nakedly self-interested.

Perhaps his role would not have been misplaced in a Shakespearean tragedy such as Macbeth.


Ballymena, Co Antrim


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