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Paisley forgives all too readily

The recent Paisley interview with John Humphreys on BBC Radio 4, where he considered that Sinn Fein had repented and that he was honour bound to forgive them, has certainly provoked surprise and dismay among evangelical Protestants.

This whole business could well be represented by Sinn Fein entering into the Paisley confessional, confessing their sins and alleging repentance, before receiving forgiveness from Father Paisley.

After the confessional, Sinn Fein go out to attend their Easter rallies, where their language shows no evidence of repentance or contrition whatever. Clearly the Paisley confessional is of no value at all. As for the forgiveness offered; well it appears to be of little consequence, as evidently it wasn't sought in the first place. The only conclusion to be drawn from this is that God was certainly neither sought nor involved in such a political stunt.


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