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Paisley's name still shamed by Reavey family slur

I refer to Eileen Paisley's eulogy to her late husband Ian reported in the Belfast Telegraph (News, January 1). Eileen appears to like to hear herself talking.

The baroness would be better apologising to many folks whom her husband used and abused in the pursuit of power during his career, including (but not limited to) the Reavey family in south Armagh (News, January 2).

Under parliamentary privilege in a debate in 1999, Ian Paisley stated - incorrectly - that the brothers from the Reavey family were behind the Kingsmill massacre.

Ian Paisley liked to be referred to as the "Big Man", but he was not big enough to admit that he had got it wrong.

Their mother Annie Reavey (88) pleaded with Ian Paisley to withdraw the IRA slur on the Reavey family before she went to her grave, but to no avail. In spite of many requests from the Reavey family Ian Paisley stubbornly refused the broken-hearted family's request.

Scripture commands those who profess Christianity to be above reproach and to show integrity and decency in all matters.

The tears of the Reavey family on the television pleading with Ian Paisley for an apology just to clear the family name will remain etched on my memory for my remaining days.

Eileen, you may well have great memories of your loved one, but not everybody wants to hear his virtues raked up every few months.

The tape needs to be changed.


Templepatrick, Co Antrim

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