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Parade a source of shame for Belfast

It was sad to see so many people taking to the streets of Belfast last Saturday to endorse immorality.

How ironic that a parade labelled Pride should in fact be a source of shame for the city of Belfast. I shudder to think of the message vulnerable children were getting from such a display.

Christian MLAs and others who believe in decency and morality are right to resist the growing pressure to accept so-called gay marriage.

They know that marriage, as originally given by God and as traditionally understood for centuries, is "the lifelong relationship between a man and his wife".

Changing that definition will not alter the fact that same-sex relationships are both unnatural and morally wrong.

Thankfully, the Christian Gospel offers the way out of the sinful gay lifestyle.

The death of Jesus Christ on the cross was not the action of a God who hates homosexuals (Romans 5:8).


Coleraine, Co Londonderry

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