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Parades Commission's unlimited arrogance

I have never taken part in an Orange parade, nor participated in a protest against parades.

Does the Parades Commission take upon itself unlimited powers to impose unlimited restrictions on an unlimited number of people to balance what it refers to as 'competing rights'? There are only rights and objections to those rights.

The commission has now taken it upon itself to impose restrictions on the use of the public footpath. Pedestrians, or what the commission conveniently terms 'supporters', are not allowed to accompany parades.

If I am standing watching a parade, am I now to be classified as a 'supporter'? But the commission allows an unlimited number of protest demonstrations to assemble and block the footpaths.

The commission cannot be allowed to invent restrictions to the point where the function of a parade is rendered meaningless.

It is the unlimited arrogance of the commission in passing the buck in these matters that places the PSNI in a difficult position in having to deal with an endless catalogue of alleged breaches of the peace, and much worse.

In the public interest, if the Chief Constable, with limited resources, feels the PSNI is reaching a situation of becoming overwhelmed with the restrictions imposed by the commission, then he should petition the Secretary of State, rather than watch his senior officers appearing on TV complaining.


Bangor, Co Down

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