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Paramilitary violence must be stamped out

Fionola Meredith's powerful article, "No civilised society would put up with this ongoing savagery" (Comment, June 9) is a clarion call for the wider society to wake up to the brutal methods used by paramilitary organisations to control local communities.

By the way, the rally at City Hall, organised by Children of the Troubles, was noted for its breadth, if not its depth, of support.

There were members present from the SDLP, Alliance Party, Labour Party NI, Ulster Unionist Party, Workers Party, Green Party and, significantly, also two members of the Human Rights Commission.

We would underline Fionola Meredith's two conclusions: firstly, while the sadistic and cowardly "punishments" meted out by paramilitaries continue, we cannot claim to live in anything approaching a normal, society; secondly, by tolerating the abnormal and not making the ending of paramilitary terror a priority, we must inevitably carry with us a burden of shame.

Future generations will find this difficult to understand and forgive.


Children of the Troubles

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