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Paris reminds us of our own dark days in history

On Friday we saw a terrorist organisation carry out cold and co-ordinated attacks in Paris. For many people who have grown up here and now live in Paris and for many still living in Northern Ireland, I am sure this brought back memories of the bad old days.

The terrorists that carried out these attacks are monsters and I do not believe for one minute they represent the majority of the Muslim faith just as I don't believe that the IRA who bombed and butchered many people here in the same style of attacks represented the majority of the nationalist community during their own terrorist campaign.

I personally see no difference between those who attacked Paris and those that attacked and murdered so many here.

Our leaders are right to be condemning the people and the terrorist organisation that carried out this wave of attacks in Paris, but I am finding it very hard to swallow that these same people allow former IRA terrorists to sit in our government here in Northern Ireland.

Our leaders should be ashamed of themselves. How hypocritical are the politicians here to condemn the attacks in Paris and vow to do everything they can to defeat the people responsible, but they will sit every day in Stormont with the people associated with those who were responsible for so many terrorist attacks and murders.

Do our own people who suffered at the hands of terrorists not deserve the same justice as those affected in Paris? Do our politicians here care more for those killed in other countries than those murdered at the hands of terrorists in our own country?

John Brennan


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