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Parties have no alternative to morass

The criticisms of the latest instalment of the Belfast Agreement are well-founded as it is deliberately obfuscated, other than Policing and Justice.

I sympathise with Jim Allister's annoyance, on criticising it, in being associated by Peter Robinson with the DUP manifesto. Much more serious was Allister's cavassing for DUP candidates against me and others like me in 2007 when we were warning that the DUP were going into Government with Sinn Fein.

The facts of the appointment of judges also don't help Jim. Where was the outcry from the Northern Ireland Bar, and unionist lawyers, when the Dublin government thwarted the appointment of a QC to the High Court some years ago. Was this not republican interference in the judicial process?

The unionist electorate must be near the end of its tether with the DUP, TUV and UUP, and their abysmal failure to produce a realistic and achievable alternative to the present and proposed morass which is so inappropriately described as democratic.

I shall shortly expand on my suggestions which put people first and the present politicians where they deserve, namely at the bottom of the pile.




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