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Parties must be willing to take responsibility

At the last election in Northern Ireland, neither DUP nor Sinn Fein promised the following: political stalemate; the continuing failure to address the inefficiencies of the management of the health service; of education; and generally inefficient administration. But that is what they delivered.

They promised separation, an inability to govern for everyone, mutual vetoes. And that is what we got.

Meanwhile, they repeat their glib mantras, which to most of us are now fairly meaningless, such as power-sharing, partnership, respect, equality.

Having delivered stagnation, lack of political responsibility, lack of any respect for the whole of the 1.8 million people of Northern Ireland, why would anyone vote again for these people?

There has been no courage, or imagination, about solving the big issues which affect us all directly or indirectly.

Meanwhile, some of us are getting on with creating jobs, businesses and a better society. But we could do so much better with a better government, which takes responsibility for everyone in Northern Ireland.

Tom Ekin


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