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Party is to blame and not Lady Hermon

Must one not sympathise with Lady Sylvia Hermon's plight which is not of her making; she doesn't appear to have changed, but her party has. Some questions which merit consideration may be:

1. Would the Conservative leadership been such a willing participant if the opinion polls had appeared so favourable to them months ago?

2. Dave's response to my query at Ballymena did not inspire confidence in that he claimed the constitutional position of Northern Ireland within the UK had been settled with the Belfast Agreement; Cloud Cuckoo land Cameron if he sincerely believes this otherwise disingenuous statement.

3. The historical record of Dave's party would not inspire confidence in them keeping their word.

4. Was it not Maggie (the lady who did turn) who implemented the Anglo-Irish Agreement? Was it not Major who lied about no talks with the IRA? Was it not Churchill who was prepared to betray Ulster for two ports in the Republic in 1939/1945 war?

Do unionists really believe the Conservative leopard has changed it's spots? Is it not well-documented that Dave has fashioned himself on Tony Blair?




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