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Passengers should not have to pay for Translink’s problems

Translink bases the bid to increase fares on the logic of increased fuel costs — because its highly paid ‘experts’ contracted to forward-purchase next year's needs when prices were at the top of the market.

Since fuel makes up a significant proportion of Translink's running costs, could the company tell me: Why are buses left standing with their engines running, while the drivers often walk away and leave them unattended for up to 10 minutes?

This is what I have seen in Belfast’s Europa Bus terminal. Multiply this by hundreds of buses every day doing the same thing and what do you get?

So much for expensive, precious fuel, and man-made global warming concerns.

We are told that the NIR Enterprise is a ‘flagship service’, and its fare will be going up by a massive 10%, yet this service has a dismal record of breakdowns and is so slow and unreliable as to be described in official documents as being ‘not fit for purpose’.

My question here is: What is the justification for paying 10% more for a train link that holds the record as being the slowest (45mph average speed) in its class in the whole of Europe, and is described as ‘not fit for purpose’?

No one objects to paying a fare that is appropriate for a decent service run by an efficient company, but that is not what we are getting here.

Translink is clearly a mess of an organisation wriggling on a hook created by its own collective inefficiency.

The company should address the problems instead of expecting everyone else to pay for them.



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