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Past is a foreign country

I wonder what would happen if there was an investigation into, say, Bloody Friday and someone sitting in executive government was proven to be responsible. What would happen then?


Why is that a nationalist being appointed to anything causes concern? Think how it is for nationalists when they see so many in the British establishment expected to investigate some of the atrocities of the British establishment.


A little unfair and as lacking in balance as usual. Nationalists kicked up an awful row when Bertha McDougall was appointed Victims' Commissioner because she was the widow of an RUC officer although that position had not any of the statutory powers of the Ombudsman's office.


Fionola Meredith:

New Year honours

I think this woman is blinded by her own sectarian position. Citing an example of Sadie the school dinner lady as not likely to get knighted is both grossly unsuitable and rather silly, as why on earth would a dinner lady be rewarded with such a title as a Dame? I would draw Ms Meredith's attention to a better example. May Blood, a social interface worker on the Shankill, is now a Baroness, so who says 'ordinary' people cannot get honoured?


Many people are not in favour of the awards system - I do not think we should jump in and label those who favour the system as monarchists or those who oppose as republicans. They may have a rational opinion as to their position. I think the label "sectarian position" is rather unfortunate as it reduces the person to something not substantiated in the article.



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