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Pastor case is all about free speech

Pastor Paul Burns is absolutely right to stand up for Pastor James McConnell, currently being prosecuted for expressing his views (Write Back, September 8).

But, rather than being an attack on Christians, as Pastor Burns suggests, the prosecution is an attack on us all.

Pastor McConnell's right to criticise another religion is also my right to criticise his, or any other, as much as it is his right to criticise my atheism.

This is a free speech issue and, if the pastor loses, we all lose.

No longer will we feel free to criticise beliefs we find ridiculous or repulsive lest the politically correct authorities scrape some obscure law out of their barrel.

Bigots, cranks, fanatics and people with something to hide will rejoice, as all they have to do is play the "offended" card.


Warrington, Cheshire

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