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Pastor has led a good life, please remember that

It was with sadness that I listened to the news today and heard that Pastor James McConnell has to appear before the courts as regards a past incident.

Wouldn't it be lovely for those in authority to recognise the great work that the pastor has accomplished with the help of God over the past 60 years in this province?

It is work that has seen hundreds of lives transformed by the power of God.

Drunkards, gamblers, drug addicts, murderers, gangsters and men from our three main prisons - all now living changed lives. No longer a threat to the community. No longer a burden to the courts.

Thousands will testify to the love and compassion Pastor McConnell has shown in a practical way to many in need. Not only to the people of Northern Ireland, but other countries.

He is not aware that I am writing this letter to your paper. I just felt the need to write to you and express my sadness that his tremendous contribution to our country seems to be overshadowed by one incident.


Lay pastor (retired)

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