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Pastor has to accept the facts of evolution

Pastor Trevor Ramsey's recent letter (Write Back, August 20) did not have as many falsehoods as usual, but he wrote a short letter.

His first falsehood was that "Evidence is perfectly open to an alternative interpretation." This is not true.

If "evidence" is presented that equally supports many possible, contradictory ideas, then it is trivial and useless as evidence.

My waist circumference is useful buying pants, but trivially open to interpretation. The facts sought by scientists are not trivial, because they point to firm conclusions. This is the entire point of the scientific method - a hypothesis is a statement that predicts the existence of new observations which, if discovered, confirm the truth of the underlying theory.

Centuries of successful fact tests for evolutionary biology, geology, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics stand as testaments against the trivially false biblical interpretations of young earth creationism.

As a historical fact, wiser Christians than Ramsey have warned against binding the Bible to blatant falsehoods about nature.

We can go to scripture itself. Psalm 85:11 reads: "Truth springs from the earth; and righteousness looks down from heaven."

The Hebrew word translated here as truth - "emet" - means 'certainty and dependability'.

And the certainty and dependability of the Earth's evidence tells us the universe is ancient and that life has evolved.


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