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Pat, job losses at school due to fewer pupils

MAYBE Pat Ramsey (News, March 24) will explain why he is attempting to make education in Derry a sectarian issue?

Pat Ramsey claims that the closing of the Immaculate Conception School will mean that Catholics will be educated in one side of the river and Protestants on the other, as if the river was the Berlin Wall.

Maybe Pat can possibly explain how reconciliation would be better improved if this school remained open to educate Catholics, while Protestants are taught in a school more than two miles away with no interaction between the two?

This is about the same distance between the new proposed Foyle College school and the nearest Catholic school, so how can there be a reduction in any interaction between the pupils – if there is any at all at present?

Unfortunately, Immaculate Conception attracted only nine new pupils to its roll this year and has fewer than 300 pupils and is economically unsustainable.

There were no cuts to the bottom-line budgets of any school, but monies are also based on pupil numbers and this is the reason why there will be redundancies at the school.

Pat should be honest with the staff, parents and pupils of the Immaculate Conception and stop trying to make sectarian politics out of the situation they find themselves in, due to falling numbers and financial unsustainability.



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