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Patronising does not help in search for the truth

It's easy for Lord Hylton (Write Back, February 9) to say that it's time to let go of a troubled past.

He suggests it would be better to draw a line under the past and stop agonising over individual cases.

I and my family take great exception.

He states that, in many cases, the truth will never be known.

I'm wondering on what evidence does he base this opinion.

He talks of political parties and traditions joining together to protect newcomers and to uphold the common good.

His letter, through very short, is extremely patronising.

Who, I would ask him, was there to protect our young brother, Paul Armstrong, who was abducted on November 8, 1974, brutally tortured and murdered?

Lord Hylton finishes his short letter with the sentence, and I quote, "Many individuals and groups will have to act faithfully."

I pose the question to him and would be very interested in his answer - if indeed he has one: has the state acted faithfully in the investigation of the brutal murder of our young 18-year-old brother Paul?

In conclusion, I would like to suggest to Lord Hylton that he comes down from his ivory tower.

Before he puts pen to paper in such a pontificatory manner, he should think of the hurt that many families are going through in their search for truth and justice and also some closure.