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Paula's politics don't add up

Many of us will not be surprised to learn that Paula Bradshaw has now found a new home in the Alliance Party. This change of party and political belief has the hallmarks of someone that holds personal career ambition higher than political conviction.

In May this year, she was an Ulster Unionist and passionately supported the Tory/UUP pact and came third in the General Election poll. In October, she failed to be selected for 2011's Assembly election and she subsequently resigned from the party. In November, she joins a rival political movement.

How can someone be an Ulster Unionist (a party that firmly supports the Union), enthusiastically endorse the Tory link, then, within five weeks of leaving the UUP, join a party that is, at best, vague on Northern Ireland's constitutional position?

Finding a new home within five weeks is perhaps misjudged; however, making a huge ideological shift within this time is almost symptomatic of political schizophrenia.