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Paving the way to peace in Syria

EVERYONE will admire the way Turkey has taken in and helped so many refugees from Syria and it should receive support from other countries in doing this, as President Erdogan says.

The question of how to bring peace to Syria is a different matter. President Erdogan argues that "to give Syria's democracy a chance to flourish" we must defeat Assad as well as Isis.

So, the way to peace in Syria is to enforce a ceasefire between Assad and moderate rebels and destroy Isis. That is a realistic proposition. Then have elections.

Insofar as possible, there should be justice, peace and reconciliation as in other countries coming out of civil strife and war. Then there should be a Marshall Plan for Syria, led by America and Europe with contributions from the Gulf States.

David Cameron has said "there has to be Third Way" in Syria. After over five years of war surely it is clear that there is no Third Way.



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