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Paying a price for our leaders' electioneering

RE the flags protest: That there is such a division in our citizenry is a fissure which only operates to allow the two blocs at Stormont to prefer perpetual electioneering to producing policies which in a proper democracy would be filtered through a principled and competent opposition.

That should have been the role for the Alliance Party before it jettisoned its integrity for office. At this moment Robinson Crusoe has more friends than David Ford.

Freud wrote about what he called the narcissism of small differences.

He identified this as a form of leadership which exaggerates small cultural differences in order to preserve a misplaced feeling of separateness or identity.

Convince me who benefits from the flag protests.

The politburo in Stormont or the huddled masses?

I don't believe the apparatchiks of our administration have read much Freud but they have certainly in recent weeks slipped into his psyche.



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