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PC fascism forced scientist to resign

SO, the speech police have been at it again. This time scientist and Nobel laureate Tim Hunt has been compelled to resign from London University as a direct result of having made what many regard as sexist comments about women scientists.

Although these may indeed have been sexist, jokingly or not, he also committed the serious error of unscientifically extrapolating from his own personal experiences of women scientists to women scientists in general. He should have known better.

Surely these are utterances not of such seriousness as to warrant resignation? If every time men and women were forced to resign after having made joking and/or sexist remarks about women (or men) in general, there would be very few people in jobs.

Sexist generalisations are part and parcel of workplace/social banter, engaged in equally by both sexes and given and received in good spirit.

This forced resignation of Tim Hunt is, in effect, just another example of PC fascism having gone completely bonkers. This indeed can be a very slippery, dangerous path we must avoid going down.


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